That One Hour

one hour that we should save everyday for the things that matters.

After being consistently pushed up in the rat race at various stages of life, one thing is crystal clear that there is no perfect stage to pursue your dreams. For last few years we’ve been shifting our dreams. Every time we have some reasons cum excuses to lag it for some time.  Feeling like exhausted with the race, we are being taught to be an indivisible part of it.

Keeping the dreams alive

No matter how hard is the schedule, room always exists for snatching few moments from this rush to live up your dreams. The dreams can be anything like singing, writing, painting, dancing, working on any invention etc. Being in touch with dreams gives a sense of satisfaction and works like anti-stress medicine.

The Bitter Reality  

Everyone has some passion, dream, goals apart from the meaningless rat race leading us to the tasteless future. We often set one or two personal tasks in our daily tasks list but at the day end they always remain untouched and we feel like dissatisfied with our work life that leads us to the doorstep of depression.

 Just One Hour

Ironical would be the statement if someone says he doesn’t have extra time, a guy who spends hours on social gadgets. and Why extra time for passion, make it your routine, make it fit in that” It just takes one firm decision to devote the whole one hour in doing something that we really wish to do 24 X 7. With just one week exercise, the empty space grabbed by the negativities will be taken by the positive vibes and creative ideas. Life won’t be like passing of days one after the other.

Small act with Daily effort results in Big Impact.

The Efforts Multiplier

Though a very short span, the results are magnificent. The magnitude of the results is simply shocking. If you want this to be exemplified, a writer who can write just 3- 5 lines in that one hour, in six months only, result will be a complete novel.

If we can choose 23 Hours for STRESS, what’s wrong in One Hour for RELAX. Click To Tweet

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