Time only passes, it never gets over. Every time is the right time. Make it happen now what you failed to in the past.

If an old lady had a dream to sit on the back seat of the motorcycle and when her grandchildren ask her for it, she makes excuses like “now it’s not my age to do this”

If anyone asks to start old passion be it be singing, dancing, photography, riding a bike, after several years of a gap from it, many times we deny for it by making excuses.

Through these examples, you must have got an edge of the topic.

Best excuse, people use to make, as far as I have got to know, is “that time has gone”. Literally, they aren’t wrong, but logically they are, well I am going to explain how it is.

This thought can be applied anywhere and hence the topic is very pervasive. Whether we talk about games, sports, education, learning new things etcetera, we can easily find out people with Excuse Making Mentalities and out of the excuses. The majority must be related to “that time has gone” types.

is the time over now or if my learning age has gone?

Now let’s discuss why it happens?

Before we move in this direction, one thing is very important to be clear at first. I am here talking about in the context of only those acts/ events that once we had cherished to do or be a part of it in the past, but couldn’t due to several different reasons like family condition, environment, study pressure, mental stability etcetera.

It becomes hard to digest this failure. We try to get back into that with little efforts that are pulled back by the self-developed negativeness. This lasts for the first few years. The negative notions come with the words like “I’m not that lucky, they are born with silver spoon” etcetera.

Whenever we are told to or try something, learn anything new, irrespective of the desire, excuses hit our mind. That’s mostly because of our Lack of Enthusiasm, Fear of Criticism, Lack of Purpose and Changed Lifestyle. “I won’t be able to do, what people would say, why should I do this, now it’s not possible”  are the bundle of causes, everyone thinks at least one of these before making the excuse.  We often satisfy ourselves with words like “The days have gone, I can’t learn it now etcetera”

Now it’s the time to prove how people are logically wrong?

As long as we are alive, time is also alive! If we can learn something today, we can learn it in the future also. Acts have no age restrictions. I am here talking about self-created restrictions or those we had heard about.

Now the most important is “we can conquer the Physical or mental disabilities  if we really have the love for the subject”

Time passes with the time, that’s true! But…we should ignore our inabilities and restrictions. Restrictions those are self-created, that we have engraved in ourselves, let’s kill them. We will find that we are still the same as we were in the past because our body grows old, but the heart never.

Still, it’s not the end, we still can do it.

We should try to keep ourselves away from creating any restrictions for us.

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