Be Like Writer- Writer Definition

Writing on any topic is not a barrier, what is important is the “INITIATION”. A true writer has to be mastered in it. Though I’m new to this field I could found some problems what everyone feels like in writing. Well, the way they handle such problems is quite dependent on their level of thinking and attitude towards it.

Be like writer- Writer Definition

Sphere of Thought

One of such is deciding about the Sphere of Thought, the context within which the whole subject moves around. Sometimes its also important to limit the distance that our ideas may go beyond, for restraining it from being scattered. A well conceptualized and to the context writing straight away goes deep inside into the reader’s mind and makes him read further.

Target Audience

The decision about the Target Audience is the second step. Every writer before starting on any topic faces it. The title of the matter is very much followed by the class of audience selected. It’s very important for any writer to ensure first whether the audience has been properly addressed or not.

Connectivity of the Writing

The third one is about Connectivity. This keeps a separate space for consideration for every writer which can also be described as how to connect the matter with the readers. If any matter highlights a problem it should be accompanied by suitable remedy to that otherwise at the end it might become worthless reading the whole stuff.

Summed up Conclusion

Proper sum up could be regarded as the most important to catch the attention of the reader. In the end, people retain only 2 things, the beginning, and the conclusion. It’s just like the Moral of the Story. Here a writer always tries to sum up his ideas and messages in a few lines. This he does so as to make people understand the crux of writing. This shouldn’t be extended beyond a reasonable length.

Besides these problems, a writer faces many others like selecting the title, appropriate heading, presentation etc. When we have a firm control over the subject, our thought process supports us to get more innovative ideas, quick facts and key concepts without much pressure on our mind.

For me writing is all about sharing your thoughts, ideas, views, knowledge in a free flow on any topic that hits my mind with a purpose which may be information, explanation, or simply opinions. A writer is just a medium to convey thoughts.


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