No need to reduce your expectations, choose keeping expectations

Keeping Expectations Is Not Wrong

No need to reduce your expectations, choose keeping expectationsPeople suggested me not to expect anything, I rather chose to keep expectations. Lower down your wishes if you want the happiness to flow towards you.  That’s something that I’ve been hearing for long. It’s just a bookish intellect which is hardly relatable with the reality. I tried and I failed, found myself again indulged in expectations with new people. It was like walking against the storms where, the solution, itself was in the direction of it.

Why Should I keep Expectation?

It keeps me moving and doesn’t let my mind feel down. It gives me, the reason to spend the whole day for something to happen, excitements about the future. No matter, all aren’t fulfilled, I switch it. I search for, create it and follow the path where I expected to walk upon.

The time comes when I feel down but I’m not afraid of it. I’m here to live, not just here to boil up my mind.  Even if it gets broken every day, I’ll make new, though not from the same person that could be a different one.  If treated like a hope, expectations are among the best motivating tools to start a day with.

Day without expectation

A day without expectations is completely a dull one where the time runs to bite you every second.  Eyes remain open but the vision becomes purposeless. Heart pleads to be in expectations again.  The hollowness of your mind will tempt the negativity and you may be directed touch the edge of depression. And you may find it happening without any such intention on your part.

no need to reduce your expectations, choose keeping expectationsWhat’s expectation?

Expectations, what is the expectation? It’s a contemplated incident or sequence of incidents supported with fictional belief. We develop this belief with the past behavior of our surroundings, things we see and observe. Simply could be both ways positive and negative.

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This can’t be stated wrong! If you won’t draw a story in your mind, how would you walk on it? Even a person completely isolated from all the living organisms expects from non-living existences. The fact is that he never observes it.

If the hope can be symbolized to be the life, why the expectations can’t? Share on X

What we really need to put emphasis on just give a positive look to your expectations. You shouldn’t take the fear of broken expectations. Take a procrastinated view while making it, hope for its accomplishment, work for making it possible.

Keeping expectations or escaping from it, both have pros and cons. To give a conclusive idea on my part, I would rather suggest for keeping it as we can’t escape from it for long.

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