Middle Class worker

How Middle-Class Are You?

Middle Class worker

How Middle-Class Are You?

Flying in an economy class where I failed to choose my preferred seat, I had to agree to my middle-class tag. That had a cost attached and I found it worthless. Starring at the menu screen of a food counter at the airport, I divided the displayed prices with what I usually pay outside to see how many times of that they are charging. Forget about buying anything else, I couldn’t even order a cup of tea although I’m a tea addict. Maybe it’s not that I couldn’t afford it, I didn’t want to. It didn’t come from the inside to buy.

I have an upper price limit set for myself for all the assets that I buy, services that I hire, and expenses that I do. A T-shirt above 500, shoes above 1000, and jeans above 800 look like a brag. I am the kind of person who thinks booking 2-tier and 1-tier AC tickets on a train is completely a showoff. I can compare a non-AC with 3-tier but beyond that, a train has nothing more to offer.

Middle-class habits

I am good at math when it comes to judging someone’s income. From one day to one year, how much someone earns and spends, I estimate everything. That’s my favorite analytical application of the brain. I get confused when I think, if rich people waste money, why they don’t become poor again? No doubt, I hate them, also no doubt, I wanna be like them. That’s such an irony I know exists in me.

Money what I earn and what I spend, have a huge gap now. I believe I should enjoy this financial independence responsibly. Though I’m trying to step up from this middle-class mentality, all rich and classy kinds of stuff are failing to derive any value to me. How people spendthrift heavily on such things and that too so easily, it’s unbelievable.

It’s weird and funny seeing someone’s pocket money larger than your salary, their wedding larger than your life-long savings, and their one tour larger than all the trips you’ve done so far. Dream of Every Middle-Class Boy

I have an excuse for myself, if they won’t value money now, one-day money won’t value them. And avoiding that, I busy myself watching some videos on my phone which has broken tempered glass and a transparent cover that is no more transparent. Paying thousands for a phone but refraining from paying hundreds for maintaining it, what a weird definition of utility my mind has developed. APJ Abdul Kalam – Making Of The President From Middle-Class To President Of India

It may be a consoling sentence for my dying self-esteem but, I strongly agree that tough life situations make a man strong and self-reliant. The rich and luxurious lifestyle on the other hand molds you weak and vulnerable. Deep inside I feel…

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I need a shift from the “Save what I earn” mentality to the “Earn more to save” mentality.


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