Miracles Yet to Happen. Don't be depended on miracles rather keep faith on your hard work and dedication.

Miracles Yet To Happen

Miracles Yet to Happen. Don't be depended on miracles rather keep faith on your hard work and dedication.Though I’m here in pause; by stealth, I’m creating my own world. I dive in a sea of self-dependency in search of the pearls of wisdom to enlighten myself. Miracles, I’m not waiting for you to happen. You’re so overvalued than your real worth. For people who expect you, you’re nothing more than a glimpse of mental satisfaction. The very next moment, the misty eyes clean up the picture making the people face it again, the cruel reality.

What Miracles Do?

You just misguide the people from the path they’re supposed to walk upon. Inebriated in you the people never realize that there should be goals fixed to their life. You’ve drooled up the generations by magnetizing them at first. Resultantly they scribble their disheartened life to an aimless path.

It’s a trap that allures the people, takes them aloof the real world. Fake things become the vision where the attainment of goals is just not in their hands. Miracle dependent people are alike the destiny dependent unconscious souls where the consciousness of life has been snatched from their body. Apart from wasting the time it also kills our hard work and creativity.

Why Miracles?

The greedy and impatient mind inside us desperately craves for the unpretentious success in the minimum time possible. Miracles fit in all such demands but never guarantees for anything. Actually, it has nothing such it can give a damn to us. It’s completely baseless. Still, we believe it, keep faith in it. There is no reason behind, obviously, it’s very lucrative. Do nothing and get everything! But does it really happen? No! We can’t base ourselves on the exceptions. A very short lifespan here is demanding a frugal utilization.

Miracles Yet to Happen. Don't be depended on miracles rather keep faith on your hard work and dedication.It’s Purpose, Not Miracles

Nothing exists like miracles, purpose lies behind each of them. I’m that purpose, you’re that purpose, and there is nothing beyond that. Fondle the energy you’ve unleashed, the sweaty and painful hard work; ecstatic passionate efforts, they will emanate like the miracles you believe. Think as if you don’t know this word, never heard about it. Let’s plan the future because this’s the only reality that we are supposed to create the miracles and not to follow it.

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