I want to excuse this world though I dont have solitude.

Please Excuse My Absence- I’m Better Alone

I want to excuse this world though I dont have solitude. So please excuse my absence.As a part of courtesy, I was taught to speak, please excuse me! If I’m going to bother someone for something they have to do their efforts for or for simply tolerating me. Now I’ve found variations in its meaning. People nowadays have adopted a different one, i.e. stay away. They don’t say this but this is what they make others feel. Please excuse my absence, I’m better alone, meaning that I’ve derived for everyone. I thought of making stressless and happy, people who were close to me. I Efforted in wiping out the tears before it could peep out from their eyelids. Too much attention is too much interference, is something that I’ve learned. One who came to me chased me, talked to me endlessly, later on, told me to learn, how I should behave.

The life makers

As long as they were with me, care was there. Getting worried about my worries, paying me attention, they tried touching my heart. One by one, I made a collection of life, my friends. I found my life coming back on track from an offside road that was on the edge of the end. Though far by distance and close by heart, those few were my safeguards. Then started a ride, I rode on two slopes simultaneously, one slopping downward depicting the number of my friends, the other going upward describing my anxiety level.

I tried saving the relations. Collected every single drop falling down from my wrist, but they all left me like I had caged their life. All this was unbelievable, my friends who made me rich and poor too.

There was a time they loved talking, meeting new people and enjoying greetings from strangers, now they’re not what they were. Feeling inferior like a lost piece of a chain or like the only bud who failed to blossom like flowers, I can see my incomplete life heading towards me.

Now Please Excuse my absence

I got tired scrabbling; their disassociation killed my desire to make new. Friends change with time was something that I had an idea about, but that fast was difficult to digest. They all forced me back into the dark to enjoy my loneliness that once I had left behind saying goodbye forever.

I want to excuse this world though I dont have solitude. So please excuse my absence.Kneeling down with the tilted neck with anxious mind and eyes heavy with water featuring tears, I wish to choose this loneliness and excuse this world. So from now please excuse my absence. I don’t have solitude but I’m better alone.

Live with yourself, if you live with others, you’ll always live with the fear to lose. Share on X

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