compromises adjustments Understanding

Understanding – An Adjustment

compromises adjustments Understanding

Understanding – an adjustment

More air in the bubble, more care it demands – The Relationship!

Every relation is just a bubble flying on expectations, love and adjustments. What understanding plays the role then? Nothing! It’s just a tag. The tag that we put on the adjustments we make, the expectations we kill, and the love that we remind to ourselves. It forms a loop that should never end. If loop breaks down, the relation too. So, everything walks around the compromises which are named as adjustments.

Compromise – as a solution

If compromise be a solution, it should be from both the sides. Don’t go so down to save your relation where your conceit can’t survive. Not only it revives a relation but also kills the self-respect. See, if someone values your esteem? Balancing the compromises is the solution in the real terms. And, understanding is the balance of such compromises.

A happy relation is not where there are no compromises, it’s where the compromises are genuine and truly dedicated to one special person. Therefore, it shouldn’t be mere a show off. Dedication of offering is necessary in attitude.

We should see it positively. Sometimes, it makes you stronger and wiser. But, it shouldn’t become the mentality to adjust with everything. Indeed, a sense of judging what’s right and wrong should always be applied.

Understanding  – Right vs reality

Adjustment is an old concept, I agree! Now everyone wants their own conditions be satisfied. Seamlessly, nobody paying attention to intentions. Although, everyone expects to be understood. That too without facing any sarcastic taunts or leg pulling harassment, nothing! Some people take it on their ego and easily get frustrated for minor adjustments. “I’ll be like this only, change if you want to change yourself “, it kills the hope for any relation to revive.

Fake Feminist Perspective

Feminists often suppress adjustments for gender equality, though there exist fake feminists too. A fake feminist can either dominate a relation or simply couldn’t get into any relation to uphold. Furthermore, If both the genders parallelly down their ego to save a relation, what’s wrong?

Knowing the difference between equalizing the gender rights and understanding your partner is an out of syllabus question for a fake feminist!

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