The Last Letter - Father To Daughter. Daddy's princes lost her father.

The Last Letter – Father To Daughter

The Last Letter - Father To Daughter. Daddy's princes lost her father.

This is just another day like a day without me. Face it, embrace it and taste every bit of it. What if I’m not there? Live your life like I had wished for you, the best of you. Though you’re going to explore this whole world, I would always be close enough to be remembered. I won’t stop the milestones if they will take you far from me. I’m blessed with you and would always be. The last letter I’m writing to you…

Though you’re my angel, I can’t cage you. I set you free, free from my side. Fly as high as you can sustain. You’re my brave daughter and always more than a son.

I’m not worried about you. I know you’re hard as nails. I’ve just failed to keep you far and untouched from the struggles of life. Perhaps your past was like a walk on the rose leaves. Regrettably, your future is going to race on the crooked roads. You’re a warrior, prove it! Survival is not your goal, show me the winning medal.

Still, if something goes high or someone makes you cry, fight with a smile, give yourself a try. Appraise yourself as this world won’t. Chase every dream like your best shot. The softness of your heart needs a rock-hard shield. Step in and master life’s every field.

I know you talk less to your mom but now she is your only home. Let my love for you be compensated against that of your mom. She needs you more than you need her.

The Last Letter - Father To Daughter. Daddy's princes lost her father.The hidden tears and the peeking out smile will suppress everything. But your every bitter judgment will spell your past. Naturally unpredictable and caringly bound by the principles, it will be a different you. Understanding you will then be a no piece of cake.

Dear, I’m missing your touch! The way you used to hug me every time when I bought your favorite chocolate. The moment when for the first time, you grabbed my finger in your little wrist is flashing now in front of my eyes. But you please don’t miss me. I’ve always seen your smiling eyes, can’t see them wet in tears. Just remember that I was there, with you! Though now I can’t try to be your wish-granter, I would still pray for your wishes.

This is not the last letter. Your memories of me will write a new one every time.

You’re the proof of my existence on the earth- my lovely daughter Share on X

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