How to Take breaks while reaching to goals.

Learning To Allow Time Pauses In Goals

How to Take breaks while reaching to goals.Restless working on goals, few that I’d set, I began, the journey cum struggle but forgot to learn, How to take the time pauses? The start was fabulous, the journey was fine but my spark went dim, the day I passed that middle line, the line that was indeed a lesson to remember. Too sick to move now, my mind had lost control, now what should I do? Routine transformed into headache and goals into suicide. Life had changed the ways to see itself. The delightful feel sprouted from a short and simple pathway merged with the sharp edges of stones, half buried in crooked roads.

Should had I taken Time Pauses?

I’d loved it once; I hate it now, what that happened with me? I’ll go mad, exactly what I felt, why I chose you, I questioned my goals. A highly ambitious guy swiftly converged into a goalless dummy. Could you please explain to me, why you turned out to be so bad, something very far from my hands and length of my strength to dream? I got used to, getting angry on myself, went in the secluded state of mind.

Bewildered I was, looking into the eyes, my parents, their dreams and aspirations that they’d kept on me. “Now I’m not able to fulfil their dreams” Supporting their senility was just not in my hands then. That time all I could’ve wished for was an average aimless life, with no fear around and so I wished! Had a lot of guilt but that too couldn’t work, magnifying my worries was easier for my mind.

time pauses if not taken, will burst your mind, making it restless.“The time pauses gifted to yourself boosts your positive attitude, removes anxiety and act as an anti-stress pill”, I read it, in one of the spiritual books on Buddhism that my father had a collection of. It worked nothing less than a miracle. I took a break, confessed it to mom and dad, the trauma I was passing through.

Impact of Time Pauses

Not all of sudden but yeah, few light days, spent in an entirely different world, where no time limits were set to go reverse, raised my morale, picked me up, dwelled the positivity into me. Though the process was slow, still I could sense that. Found my time pauses, one of those what I chose, travelling so I could divert my mind. You’ll yourself love to revert back to your existing life after a few days, once you start feeling like living on an alien planet. Be creative enough to find your time pauses and learn to allow them on you.

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I wasn’t the only, every runner of goals was suffering from it. Some or the other way, their problems had resemblance with my one. The time pauses taught me to listen to myself, where I’m, where I’d been so far and where I should go. I got my interest back, this time with better force, new spirit and a lesson that I learnt throughout when to take time pauses in goals.

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