Dharma Practice- Path of Enlightenment. Daily Meditation purifies your soul.

Dharma Practice – Path Of Enlightenment

Dharma Practice- Path of Enlightenment. Daily Meditation purifies your soul.Say no to procrastination when it comes to practicing the Dharma. It’s the ultimate source of the enlightenment and better future rebirths. The death is certain and the life has no length decided affront. Life is commonly presumed to be long. But, the uncertainty of the time of death can falsify your believe of having a long life ahead.

It can end any time. You can’t say how much time you’re left with. Do not know how many people you have seen before ending in front of your eyes. You’re soon going to be one of them. Life can be taught but you need to prepare yourself for death. This is what is certain and absolute. Practicing the dharma is a task of old aged survivors; most of us have this conception.

What’s Dharma Practice?

The dharma practice is the key root connecting you with your almighty god. The Impartial and selfless behaviour emerged through it relights the darkness of your mind and heart. We also have doubts whether the connection with the god is actually possible even. The fact is we never try. It’s all about purifying your soul. You can’t see this connection but this can surely be felt.

The more you’ll lag it, the more you’ll be denying the truth of death and likewise you’ll be trapping yourself in the swamp of unfavourable rebirths.

Your rebirths continue until you get the enlightenment. That’s the ultimate goal. It’s a journey of one or more favourable rebirths. You can read, understand and think about it just because you’ve taken birth as a human. In other rebirths you won’t be bothered about your enlightenment. So this is the only chance you’ve got. Don’t let it go wasted.

Dharma Practice- Path of Enlightenment. Daily Meditation purifies your soul.It doesn’t mean stop your worldly activities. You just need separate a part of the day and devote it for practicing the dharma. Though we’re aware of what meditation is. All we just need to know how to link this with the mind training and then the dharma. It’s just a matter of a few minutes of everyday, few minutes for purifying your soul.

Why Start Early?

A peaceful mind spreads happiness all around. Few minutes devoted to meditation can really help you reach your state of enlightenment. Apart from that, it also gives you the reason to stay calm and observe more. It completes your routine life and keeps you satisfied with whatever you’re doing.

Start a bit earlier the dharma practice and why not at this age? Why not now? As there’s no guarantee that you’ll die only after growing old and not before, take a start. The time will come when you’ll see yourself listening goodbye, make sure you won’t feel that you’ve wasted this life.

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