The Inbuilt Guilt System

Just like an immune system in our body safeguards against diseases, our heart has an Inbuilt Guilt System that protects us from illness of guilt.

We all have this system in within us. It gets auto activated as soon as our heart fails to handle the guilt.

The Inbuilt Guilt System, protecting system
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How we get the Guilt

Our culture, values and environment surrounding to us creates a boundary for our acts below which we can’t fall. As soon as our acts fall below this boundary, guilt automatically gets filled into our heart. We keep on piling up the burden of guilt and our heart gets heavier after each such exercise. This finally acts like a trigger to activate the Guilt system.

Does it works only against ill acts?

The Guilt system not only warns against ill acts but also pushes us to work for our passion or anything for our welfare. It can be exemplified in many different ways like a boy who knows that regular and consistent study is necessary for his future but due to some reasons like getting bore, feeling overstuffed, under pressure etc he starts avoiding it. After avoiding it for few days he will himself feels like studying again with newness in his approach and that happens just because of this Inbuilt Guilt System. It acts in the same way if we forget to follow our passion for some days.

Realization of Guilt

Realization of Guilt is the key to success of this system. If we don’t realize it, the system won’t work upon it. Realization of guilt is again dependent on our individual goals and limits which keep on varying depending on our culture, values, the society we live in, the religion we follow and every small thing that we engrave in our heart.  We just need to work on these things and then we can leave the rest of the job of controlling us on this Inbuilt Guilt System.

How can we strengthen the system?

The system is always effective beyond the set boundaries. Now it’s up to us how much we want to curb our ill acts and push our passion and thus we need to judge what’s good and what’s not so good for us. The system will work on our feelings so we need to analyze what we feel.

Be Thankful!!!

If identified by someone, this is the best tool ever for which he/she will always be thankful to god.

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