Fake Love, Excitement and Love Failure

Easily Forgettable Love- Phantasm

Fake Love, Excitement and Love FailurePeople making the sky touching promises, crafting the future with few days’ old relationships and crying to take revenge once it gets over, you’re rightly reading about today’s boy’s Easily Forgettable Love.

It’s nothing wrong to fall where it’s love. Factually, we’re confused. The definition of true love is still not there in us. Today’s love is just a combo pack of excitement, men standard, and the physical need. Besides, it’s nothing. And that’s the reason we fall again and again in this fallacy.

I was dating her, felt something breathing inside, the so-called imaginary love. I was completely into it. All the devotional forces were active to serve her. I was loyal. Maybe I didn’t get the chance to cheat.

One fine day in office, I got my attention captured on a girl who melted my heart with a warm handshake. She joined my team as a fresher. A spark added to the spirits. She was on a higher verge of beauty than my love. Casual conversation and formal meetings brought out an informal connection between us. Intrinsically, she took away me from me. And, it went all dilemmatic between her and my existing partner.

My mind touched the peak of alertness. I started justifying the cheating on my partner as a fair deal. On parallel grounds, I started dating both of them. Here I self-implanted the reason to switch. New thoughts inserted and made believe that I had been on the wrong track so far. Thereafter, I didn’t find my partner as attractive anymore. My so-called true love became an option.

Fake Love, Excitement and Love FailureWhat the cause was? If there’s nothing like true love? Is it all about getting physical? The fact I realized later, I wasn’t in love with any of them. In excitement, I made it up in my mind. That was a phantasm I realized!

Unveiled Easily Forgettable Love

If my first love was true, I wouldn’t have fallen again with someone else. So, take time and don’t flow in excitement. Check first how serious you’re in accepting the girl as she is.

Today’s pleasure could be torture tomorrow if the things about a girl are not acceptable to you but you’re ignoring for now. Your cheesy lines to a girl and buttering all the time could be very risky for her heart. Justifying yourself is like being your own judge.

Don’t say yes at first. Read your excitement! Cause if she comes to start doing such things, would you accept her act of justifying herself like what I did? No!

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