The first impression should not be the last impression

First Impression Is The Last Impression – Why?

The first impression should not be the last impression Encountering anything that behaves leaves an impression. Impressions are like the airwaves those are constantly flowing towards us. Our body-senses read the impressions and make judgements based on it. These impressions then decide our behaviour. It let us feel how would we react.

If we repeat anything, multiple impressions flow-in and get stored. Still, the glimpsing pictures those help us recalling the things, are driven by the first impression. No alteration and no deletion, though it can go subconsciously fade over time. Until we get serious impaction from subsequent impressions, our prime judgement remains the same.

If First Impression is Correct?

But how correct it is? Could it be justified as right? Or it’s the biggest blunder with our mind. Judging someone/something instantly without enough information is wrong as we all know. But this is exactly what we do while taking the first impression. Unknowingly, our mind starts judging. That could easily be identified in our subsequent interactions.

I think it’s a blunder. The first impression can’t be perfectionated every time. You can’t unveil everything to see the real intent in the first eye-contact itself. For me, being judgemental sounds so negative.

Sometimes I feel, the stored impressions are wrong but still can’t erase them. Simply, I can’t ignore them. I feel like, those impressions still have an impact on me. What should I call this, a disease? There also comes a time your mind desires to be indifferent of everything. But it can’t.

This way the impacted reactions ruin your relations. Just because of a regrettable past, you also try to escape from a brighter future. Later, you realize your wrong decisions and again you regret.

How to Get rid off to It?

Let’s fight against those stored impressions ruining the mind. It’s time to feel the present. Just see how everything is responding to you. Be good if they’re good now, ignore if they’re still bad. Don’t let the past be your driver. Erase those pages off your mind those need a replacement. Let the new ink fill those blanks with the updated impressions.The first impression should not be the last impression

What if someone else judges me? Should that be responded? See, the reality says, don’t explain. If you’ll come up explaining about yourself, you’ll become wrong by yourself per their judging disorder.

Never say “I’m not like what you’re thinking”. They won’t believe. Not even you need them to believe you. Just keep your eyes open and be wise enough to respond. All you can do just be a clear personality.

First Impression – Practical Life

In practical life, its importance is altogether different. People tend to have no time. The whole world is like a courtroom. 2 types of people are often found, one who’s judging others and the others who’re being judged. And we’re habituated with it too. Uselessly we believe in putting efforts to impress others with our first impression. Instead of the first impression, we can work on wholesome us. Let others recognize it. Make yourself be so admirable that you need not impress anyone. This way things will automatically move, effortlessly satisfactory.

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