Save Your Ego in One Sided Love

We have a lot to say, a bunch to express and hours to watch her beauty where blinking of eyes is rarely captured. That too without even thinking about what we will get in return. In contrast with many famous dialogs that came into the picture these days about one sided love, I would say it’s the weakest situation we can ever be in. The hope that one day she will understand you and your feelings and she/he will also feel the same for you magnifies your level of obsession. One sided love is just a part of overall Chained relationship that is there all over in our life.

Save Your Ego

Ego gets hurt when someone makes you feel unhappy with your own situations & positions in your own life. If we see in case of love, the scantiness of love is the trigger. The pain of ego hurt increases with the increase in the stages of one sided love.

Helplessness is the reward, we get when we fall in one- sided love. Share on X

4 Stages of One Sided Love

Nowhere proved but somewhere felt, it has four layered stages. Starting with mere Interaction, when it turns into severe hormonal disorders is very critical to identify.

  1. Interaction with Cool and Casual Attitude
  2. Slight Personal Conversation to Know More
  3. Heartfelt Golden Imaginations & Ignorance from the Other Side
  4. Crying Alone and Setting Yourself Back for the Same Battle- One More Time!

The first eye to eye contact is very special and becomes an unforgettable glimpse. Our mind restricts our heart to react and tries to maintain the quality of conversation. The second stage is all about intruding in their personal life which is never entertained in case of one sided attachment. We simply try to impress her with the things we believe, we have done something great in that. Now the third Phase comes when we fail to put a lock on our feelings reading the gestures and behavior of her/him. This phase is a foolproof guarantee of an upcoming disaster with our heart and mind. After 2 – 3 such incidents, guilt comes in our mind and makes our heart heavier and incapable to handle the ignorance.

The last stage

A heavy heart always searches for a place to go burst up with lots of tears. The time while crying we imagine only the good things about her/him that attracted us to fall in love. We would found ourselves ready again to rewind the circle of these four stages one more time once our heart gets lighter. That’s just because it gives us “The Part-Time Happiness”

How we crush our ego by falling in one sided love.

The Ego Destroyer!

All the stages, except the first one fall in this category. The realization comes only when we actually face it. Then regretting our actions and doing it again and again until our heart gets overloaded with such regrets, we don’t seat at ease.

Why Ego Gets Hurt  in One Sided Love?

Being in One sided love whatever we do for our beloved, our expectations regarding her/his reactions are always high. We often get an ordinary or no reaction in return.  That makes us we feel like the only person suffering from the scantiness of love”  The time when someone makes us realize our actual conditions and positions, it crushes the shield that had been covering all the imbalances in our life. Generally, we call it as “She hurt my ego”

If you expect love from someone who has no feelings for you, definitely you will get hurt one day or the other. If I start talking about expectations, there can be a chapter on it but if I sum up in one line then  Expectations are something that takes birth as a result of our actions/reactions for someone or something Share on X

Try reading the mind of her/him before raising your expectations by doing the small-small things to make her feel special, it will really work to save your ego”

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