Sorrow That I Cherished, You’re My Favourite Mistake

I still want to thank god for those wonderful moments that I enjoyed with my favourite mistake, though there are only few clips but they all are like all time live moments that turns live in front of my eyes every time I feel alone in this crowded life and make me cherish those days.


The time, I start recalling that the sorrow of the loneliness again knocks at the door and confuses me upon one thing what you actually are for me..???–> 

“A Sweet and the most Cherishable Moment or an Upcoming Path of Sorrow”

Inebriated in the sense of first attraction towards you; I started imagining your face in my mind and developing feelings of love, what was just outside the circumference of my circle of control.

Though I realized that I’m heading on a road which has nothing to give to me, but I still failed to stop myself and then I thought for the first time what would happen when I will get to know about your views, your feelings, about me; what would be the results and it was like I have given my exams and waiting for the results of my feelings. I didn’t have even that much the strength that I could’ve told you about the dam of my feelings its speed and velocity etc.

Flashback with my Favourite Mistake

Starring at your photographs for hours, listening the only recording which you sent me once and Imagining the time that I spent with you used to make me like you’re always near to me.  I just can’t forget that most beautiful moment, it was Tuesday of December 2014, around 5:35 p.m. when we had our last interaction and I hold your left hand, though just for helping you in crossing the road. I still feel that touch whenever I recall it. You’d promised me that you will continue this friendship but you broke it. I even know that people take it as a very difficult task maintain a friendship making excuses of the busy life, but for me it’s all about priorities.

That incident had both give n take relation to me, giving me on the one side a sense of mental satisfaction and taking on the other side, the silent life which was going without you on a single track and in a straight direction, lost in you when we met.

Therefore I would say that whatever it is…

You’re My Favourite Mistake and I Cherish this sorrow

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