Stop Looking At Watch- Be Creative

Don't look at your watch

“Creativity is not punctual of time, save your ideas as they come”

Constant eyes on watch, rigorously following the schedules and arranging the tasks; these all have now become a habit or a formula with a myth of being the only path that leads to a successful life in future. Anything that comes in our mind beyond our scheduled hours in the form creativity is simply ignored. Even if we don’t ignore we kill it with bunch of excuses.

How is being creative?

Catching the ideas that come in our mind, with full paid attention, throws us in such an anxious situation where we have myriad doubts to be resolved to shape them into reality. The satisfaction earned through working on it is beyond the riskless happiness from narrowly scaled life, we had chosen for us.

stop looking at watch

Living a proud of an attached attribute that makes you feel a unique personality even though only slightly different from others and that’s possible only if you respect your creativity, work on your goals by going beyond the way defined by your schedule hours.

Creative or Non Creative

Creativity neither has any area Pre-specified nor any list of activities defining it. State of mind allowing thoughts that had never been thought, acts that had never been performed and arrangement of the words in writing that had never been used is something that defines the creativity in actuality.

A well narrated speech of an over enthusiastic dignitary can’t bring out the creativity out of a layman, “Yes, a layman, what everyone thinks about himself” but listening the voice of your heart that peeps out with an appeal for catching the crazy and unique thoughts impromptu can do that.


Feeling the joy in the hardness of efforts is the main reason behind inclination to the clouds of creativity. A scheduled guy can’t feel it unless he breaks the bars of being common among all.

Tired, unhappy, I was walking,go beyond schedules and be creative

Life though good, mind was chocking

Ash of coal though cool and calm,

Scratched it to get the charm

Burning legs and a heating mind, there;

Satisfaction was one of a kind

Can’t have any regrets to the path,

Coz it’s a sign of voice of my heart.

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