choices means decision making. Good Choices good life

Why Do We Have To Make Choices ?

choices means decision making. Good Choices good lifeI’ve always been against making of choices. No matter whether I want to make a choice or not, I’m forced do so. I’ve never been so ready to choose one and skip the other. I always wish I can lag it for some time. I move on from the places but my mind doesn’t. It calls me back and that’s why I hate making choices. A choice equals to a decision and I feel, a few things should be left undecided.

I’m the one who can’t be at the same place for life, also the one who feels homesick for every single place that I’ve been before.


The time got angry and stopped the noise,

and scold me saying, first make a choice!


Choose career, love-life, food or friends,

Raise hand if you wanna prefer the brands.


Fuzzy trends with nasty plans,

Every day coming up with clash of tense.


Smoking, drinking or dressing sense,

People will judge on your skills of dance.


Why to choose? I’m so confuse!

Where I’m with the options that I can’t refuse!


You’re cutting rope, one that I’ve been climbing through,

You’re breaking hopes struggling like some drops of dew.


I’m good as am I, don’t blow my fuse,

I don’t wanna step-in someone’s shoes.

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