Bad parenting, Daughter versus son, son versus daughter

Discrimination Begins At Home – Stop Controlling Daughters

Bad parenting, Daughter versus son, son versus daughter. Discrimination begins at home.

Not just the charity but the discrimination also begins at home. Society comes later, firstly the parents do this invisible crime. Educating a daughter is now a days like doing a favor on them. All the decency is expected from a daughter. Reinless sons are taught to dominate over the girls. It would rank ten on ten if I rate it on worst parenting. I’ve shaped this poem to share my feelings on how the parents treat their son and daughter differently.

Hey! slow down your laugh,

Better, you cover yourself with a scarf.

Oh, you trying to be an over smart,

Why you’ve cut your hair to half?


Don’t ask strangers to interact,

would dare you do in fact?

we’re getting you educate,

that’s the max that you can get!


Say never that I wanna do a job,

Forget that you ever wanna be the top.

you’re supposed to be a flop,

better you don’t give us any hope.


Don’t you know what you were told,

either you be at home or else I’ll scold.

you’re a girl, and not a boy,

so, don’t show off to look so bold.


You can’t save yourself alone,

Wolves are after your skinny bones.

no matter we didn’t make you strong,

we’re never shown to be wrong.


True, a girl doing home stuff is considered as better than a girl doing job or some business. We need to change our thought process to stop this discrimination.

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