Leaving Home For Study- Emotional Dilemma

“I have to go out somewhere, here is no further scope”,

you must be knowing about the popularity of these lines. Leaving home is not just a phase its a complete transformation from mumma’s kid to publicly Independent Person.

This blog is for those scholars who live in villages and for higher studies faces the crunchy punch of living alone far from their families.

What Changes Comes Through Leaving Home?

Stages come in Life when we have to Choose Either Family or Higher Studies. All of a sudden it makes us feel like Matured, grownup and independent but to stop these wrong thoughts, yeah, actually wrong thoughts!!! We are bothered to listen, the guidance of our parents, about every step that we will have to take, or every event we may have to face, or every opportunity that we have to grab, but cutting their words, we end up with saying “kya aap bhi na, are mujhe sab pta h, main dekh lunga, don’t worry”(Oh common, I know just everything, I will handle it, don’t worry).

But we often see, they don’t stop and keep on guiding us irritatingly, because, resistance to learn something which relates to lifestyle at this stage is very obvious and they understand the psychology of our age people.

Leaving Home- The Crucial Moment

When the moment comes, to leave the house for the first time, inner mood changes abruptly and suddenly we start looking our parents through a different sight, a sight which we never used to see them. I don’t wanna go”, our heart replies to mind. Slowly and slowly our heart gets heavier with the bunch of thoughts of leaving the parents and going to a new place in its entirety. An imagination runs in our mind giving us a short cap of what is going to be happen in next few days, how we will be missing them. All these take us to the stage where eyes become unstoppable and that too out of our understanding level, we find ourselves helpless to stop them and hence try to hide our face.

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But as I told you before, they know us more than we know ourselves, their level of emotion is at much higher level, but somehow they control so that we don’t get emotional in front of them.

“Both crying inside, hiding it to each other”, a feel that is toughest to be explained and hardest to be lived.

Few of us, who are too emotional by nature, fail to hide their inner miseries and their wet eyes shares the dry hands of their mother. Here comes the time when she regrets on failing to strengthen her child to live alone.

“Goodbye Mom, Goodbye dad, See you soon” uttering these words, sitting in a auto rikshaw or a cab, looking in the eyes of them, gives the pain which feels nothing less than a minor heart attack.

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It’s not just a onetime experience, every time we leave our house even after a break of five to ten days, it’s same! Nothing changes except our habit of being through it.


They were always there, where we needed them,

We took our name prefixed with their name.


After stepping in to the career, it’s the time to be a little smart,

Just live with them, they don’t want, from us, to live apart.

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