I am alone. Loneliness, Leave me alone, Find me someone, Need someone, help me god

The Sea Spirituality Knows Me Better!

Sea Spirituality

I’m drowned but certainly alive! Maybe I’m lost in the gaps of thoughts or yeses and nos. Sitting idle is no more a comfortable zone. My thoughts don’t allow me to wait for a second to rethink what’s going on after all. Absolutely horrifying and merciless these are. Every second when I’m with me is depressing. A deep endless sea is in front of me and I don’t know what message it is conveying to me for so long. Is it my friend or enemy? What Sea Spirituality could really mean to me?

Sometimes, I feel I should go deep into its heart and never come back. And sometimes, I just enjoy the soothing sounds emerging through the waves coming toward me. It’s noisy yet peaceful. The energetic & powerful waves never lose their magnificence. The rising waves are the hands raised up for a hug.

Write to me

I started scribbling on the sand asking my inner Sea Spirituality to keep it a secret, and the waves came & erased it! One after the other, I revealed all my secrets to the sea. The pain was going away slowly with the words disappearing into the water. It was a good pastime for a bad day. Right from work stress to financial distress or someone there whom I failed to impress, it worked on everything! No judgment, no comment, one answer for every event, erase it!

After that day, I never looked back. I found a cure. A magic eraser that wipes your tears and erases your pain. I loved the way it worked on me. That day I felt the presence of God in nature is damn true.

Sea & Secrets

I don’t regret the sea dreams. My bad times have a good companion. No hesitation is there! I write on whatever I’m exhausted with. The waves clean everything so I can write again there. The sea is such an awesome listener. It protects me from embarrassment and cures me by showing my pain getting erased.

Ask me to come again

I come here every day to lighten the heart that holds the burden of millions of thoughts that my mind creates in a day. It doesn’t get bored with me even. I can’t go without this therapy.

In a couple of hours, it all stops! And, I decide to walk away carrying my mind that’s now empty of thoughts to come again with a loaded one. I guess this what sea spirituality is.

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