How is being isolated - Corona - COVID-19.

Quarantine – How Is Being Quarantined? – COVID-19

  • How is being isolated - Corona - COVID-19.I got a mail from my HR dept with the words highlighted “WORK FROM HOME” & ‘Quarantine’. First time I got myself introduced with a word called– Quarantine i.e. Isolate yourself from others. This pandemic has finally made everyone experience something very unusual. I had always wished to get a break from this racing world. For long since I started, I had a plan to spend a few days at home where I’m doing nothing but rest and just rest. But deep inside in my mind, “This is not gonna happen”.

Dream Came True – Irony

Now the corona has forcibly imposed our dream on us. Being quarantined, I’m doing exactly what I was waiting for. But literally, it’s no more a pleasuring task for me to do.  I’m now getting sarcastic sounds from all around. Like the god is asking me “what else you want? I’m in the mood now”.

I’ve never done so many video calls. Desperately, I’ve made others feel that I’m bored at home. Putting status on whatsapp, playing dares, posting old photographs, day-night scrolling and amid of these, taking office calls, the whole day still feels so long. 2 new websites are now in my bookmarks where I act as a free data analyzer. Ironically, I’m sharing screenshots everywhere thinking it be a contribution to the nation’s welfare. Sadly, the whole world is in tears. But for the information, you can hit the below links-


Quarantine brought rest

It’s not chosen, it’s imposed. Maybe that’s the whole difference. I’m not even able to relax anymore, already done with it. Somehow, I need to go out, see things around and meet people. The first time, I’m tired of using my mobile. Netflix, games, music, and food, now they all are putting me into guilt. Despite all this, my home gym workout is still a stress-reliever. It’s a backbreaking time for the people who don’t have creative indoor hobbies.

The things that you can opt to do in lockdown, I hope at least one the below ideas must be relatable:-

  1. Read the novel, you hoped you would read someday but somehow you couldn’t.
  2. Learn the musical instruments lying idle at home for years.
  3. Download and watch the movies that were in your bucket list.
  4. Try cooking new dishes from the accessories you’ve at home.
  5. Shape your body with a fully focused diet if you’ve gym equipment at home.
  6. Prepare your dance moves if you’ve upcoming family marriage functions to attend.
  7. And in this pandemic, if you’re studying, dude, I would say “Hats off to you”

Nation’s Perspective – Stay Home, Stay Safe

In such catastrophic situations, every citizen is liable to act responsibly. Setting aside the personal tiny issues, it’s the need to think big. No wonder you’re feeling caged at home, your one wrong move can free your soul from your body. So just, stay home, stay safe.

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