Treat Your Heart Considering it as another person.

Serve Your Heart Like Any Other Soul

Treat Your Heart Considering it as another person. Serve your heart like any other soul

It’s not yours; literally, you don’t own your heart but your happiness is a gift for the rich health of it”, serve your heart like any other soul. We often say that our heart doesn’t listen to us. We really get angry at it then. Attracted towards someone it makes us take all those steps which we know will crush our ego and self-respect. Doesn’t care about the mind, really stubborn kind of it is. I give it a tight punch, whenever my mind asks me to do this being totally frustrated with the decisions of it. Especially when the aftereffect hits my mind in the form of traumas.

Heartbeats, the language of the heart

Though a vital part of my body and though inside me but beats only for others, creates emotions, seeks for support, begs for love and makes my mind, dependent and restless. Words those written inside our heart resemble a lifelong memory for our mind. So better we fill the blanks with little care, by putting an access control filtering therefrom the thoughts that can soothe our mind and those keep the ability to relish our heart, I know, the easier to say the harder to carry into effect.

your heart won't make you happy, you have to keep him healthy. Serve your heart like any other soul.

Life would’ve been easier, sometimes I soliloquize, without you my heart. That’s when every time I get a hint from your side that I’ve failed to understand you one more time. It’s just like, I’m addicted to that special feeling, you flow to my mind when you fall in love. The sensations when you beat for someone else keeping me moving with the hope to get love one day.

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Dear heart

Never thought about you, why you do this and why you just every time crave for the love. I know you spoke this through my mind with a clue giving pain me inside you. Though I found you in pain I skipped it considering it to be your own problem and referred it to the mind for the solution. I know I’ve made lots of mistakes. Did I ever ask you whether you’re cured or not? Did I ever pamper you with little assurance, little care, and few words that “You gonna be fine soon”?

I was always confused, had a mindset, you will make me happy. Dear heart, I’m taught now, I have to keep you healthy. I realized, the rich health of you is the key to the peace of my mind while I’m looking for the equilibrium in between you both. You’re not me! I need to speak to you and convey messages one to one in a try to show my care for you. I’ve to make you believe that you’re special for me. I’ll understand your beats now, the feelings they’ll carry and the decisions they’ll follow. I promise that! Yes, I promise I’ll serve you and treat you like any other soul.I have to keep my heart healthy, it won't make me happy. Serve your heart like any other soul.

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