Why I Am Doing A Job?

Why I Am Doing Job? Job Seekers

Why I Am Doing Job?

It ended again with tears falling from my eyes as I called my father. I had tried everything to hold that inside. “How are you, is everything alright there?” I wished I could lie to this question, but somehow, he caught me putting himself in an anxious situation with another question what has happened? And I started crying aloud. I surrendered, but I didn’t want to lose myself like that. I was helpless with my decision to rush for swift growth. Palmword Instagram

A good boss is truly a gentleman and the wrong one, is surely a villain. The right one knows how to high your morale and compassion. And the wrong one is always a self-consumed hypocrite. Now, I’m ready to beg to wish for a few days of my old life. When I wasn’t doing a job. I had lots of other ideas to start my career with.

I’ve been trying my best since the first day I joined. That was also the last day I felt great about getting this new job. And, from there the drama started. Torturously dipped into the river of insanity, it has hacked my brain. Sucked my life and left me half-dead affixing an intense sadness on my face. Now every next day is a question asking why I’m here? I often feel that I am forgetting my worth, losing my confidence, and putting sand to bury my self-respect. Nobody is giving a shit about what I feel. I’m personally apologizing to my mental peace for ruining it.

Have I sold my self-esteem for money? No, I can’t take it anymore. But I can’t go back. I’m a responsible son, an answerable husband, and a duty-bound father.

Neither it can buy happiness nor mental stability, the money is so over-rated. It’s just the money, that’s it. Getting paid for the efforts is still fine but now I feel that if I’m not happy, money is a waste. I hoped my happiness and career will go hand in hand. But they’re inversely related.

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